I've never been a QVC person, but the other day I flipped over there to see if I could put my finger on what was so great about it, and I got hooked!  I mean hooked.  That didn't take long.  Do you watch?

And now, any time there is a lull at my house (which is rare with three kids), I flip over to QVC to see what those gals are pitching next.  It's not just shopping; it's entertainment too.  I'll watch for an hour even if they're selling lawn chairs that I don't want.  Either I'm crazy or they are geniuses.  Or both.

I have yet to buy anything, but I'm about to cave on the "anti-aging lip gloss."  Who doesn't need that?!  Don't we all need younger lips?!  Sure!  Nice work, QVC.

After two short weeks watching QVC, I've figured out why it's so addicting.

These hosts on QVC tell you exactly why you should buy the product.  That sounds simple, but really, how often does an associate in the store go into detail for twenty minutes about why a product will change your mediocre life into something amazing? They really talk about the product and explain every inch of it and point out the possibility that it could work miracles in our lives.  A guy that I've been on a few dates with bought an exercise program on QVC and he's looking buff.  Maybe these things really do work miracles.

I want one of those hosts to go along with me on every shopping trip, even if it's just the grocery store, and explain to me why soy milk is a "game changer."

This may sound like QVC is paying me to squirt their perfume all over the room, but they're not.  I just try to keep an eye out for things that make us gals feel like we're part of the club, and this is one of 'em.

If my lips start looking super young and I end up doing the show from a reclining lawn chair, you'll know where I've been shoppin'!