Someone is about to see Boise and their life better with a free Lasik procedure from Hollingshead Eye Center and Mix 106. We want you to vote for who you think should win a Lasik procedure from Hollingshead Eye Center.

There are many nusicances that can come with sight issues, glasses, contacts...etc. What if that could be forgotten? We are helping change someone's life for the better by giving them some help in this department. We have teamed up with Hollingshead Eye Center. Some people are not candidates for LASIK but you will never know unless you ask. If winner is not eligible for LASIK then it will go to the second most voted person and down the line if not eligible.

People nominated themselves or someone they know that would benefit and It's time to VOTE! Lets get someone hooked up with Hollingshead Eye Center. If you know someone up for voting share this to social media. Share and share often!

Check out the great entries and help by voting.




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