If you're with me on the love for Tina Fey, you probably skipped the Zootopia line over the weekend and saw Whiskey Tango Foxtrot instead. If anyone can make a war zone funny it's Tina Fey.  But do we want to? Here's the thing.

This movie had all the great Tina Fey touches - dancing at drinking parties, elbow-in-the-rib nudges about aging, and at least one running joke revisited over and over - in this case the idea that you can be a smokin' hot 10 in Afghanistan, but you get back to New York and you're just a solid 4.  Some of it made me LOL, but mostly it just made me miss Amy Poehler.

Billy Bob Thornton plays a General, and there was an underlying quirky chemistry between Billy Bob and Tina Fey that was waiting to be let loose, but never really got going. Probably because it was a war zone!  There's only so much you can do with that to make it entertaining and playful.

And I felt funny enjoying the movie too much.  People died, Afghan women were oppressed, and I wasn't sure how actual war veterans would feel about how the troops were portrayed.  But it was Tina Fey (as a war zone reporter), and I had to see it.  The few gem lines made it worth the trip, and it was a good way to keep myself from shopping on a Saturday afternoon.

Oh, and the title itself is code.  Look at the first letter of each word.  Whiskey.Tango. Foxtrot.  Hmm.  If that shows up in a text this week it's okay to assume he's not talking about a shot of Jack Daniels and ballroom dancing.

Edwards Boise Stadium 22 is one of the spots that has it if you want to check it out.