With the holidays upon us, it’s time to prepare to host family and friends who will be visiting the Boise area. Being that I just got to Boise from Texas, I got some recommendations to help us BOTH figure out where to take the family this holiday season. Let’s be real, we all need help amidst the stress of holiday shopping, tying up loose ends at work before the end of the year, and getting the chimney ready for Santa. Let’s dive into some spots we can take our friends and family for when they arrive in the Treasure Valley. What areas did we miss? Sound off and let us know!

The Best Boise Destinations For The Holidays

Here are the best spots to take family when they visit you for the holidays as suggested by YOU!

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

25 Boise Attractions That Are Essential to Visit At Least Once

When you live and work in Boise, it can sometimes be difficult to answer the question "so, what should I do when I'm in town" when you have visitors checking out Idaho's capital city for the first time? Trip Advisor ranked 107 "Things to Do in Boise" and these are the 25 attractions that rose to the top of their list!

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

How Many of These Idaho Attractions Have You Been To?

Google "things to do in Idaho" and these attractions come up on nearly every list! With so many of them in our backyard, how many of them have you actually been to?

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart


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