BOISE, Idaho. While rarely spoken of, nudism has a small and growing band of followers in Idaho. In fact, when it comes to celebrating our lives and our bodies, a number of Idahoans enjoy life free from the confines of clothing.
No, you didn't misread that last sentence. Much to our own wild surprise, nudism is perfectly legal in a handful of places throughout the Gem State!
Scroll through the gallery below for a list of places where it's totally legal to be totally naked in Idaho. 

🤭 The Few Spots Where It's Totally Legal To Be Totally Naked in Idaho

Scroll on for a gallery featuring nude-friendly Idaho hot springs and resorts!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Reviews of Idaho Nude Resorts That Will Make You Blush

Here are twelve hilarious reviews we found of nudist resorts and springs in the Treasure Valley.

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Smaller is Better at This "Nude Beach" in Downtown Boise

We found a "nude beach" in downtown Boise and everything is so tiny!

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