Idahoans are really proud to be from Idaho. It's a beautiful state and there's a lot to love. And if you grew up here it's natural to feel protective about the place you call home. But what are the rules when claiming you're from Idaho? Say you weren't born here. What age did you have to be when you moved here to say you're from here? How long do you have to live here before you can say you're from here?

A YouGov poll asked the question: How long do you have to have lived in a state to say you're from that state? According to the survey, 30% of people said you can only claim being from a state if you were born there. 20% said you have to live in a state 1-10 years to claim it. 18% say 10 years or longer when you can finally say you're from that state.

After speaking with an Idaho native, I've been told that you can call yourself an actual Idahoan after 10 years, while being from Idaho only applies to those born and raised here. And that I can trust this is correct because the authority on this issue are...people born and raised in Idaho. Do you agree with this? While I wouldn't say that I'm from Idaho, I would say I'm an Idahoan despite not yet hitting the decade mark living here. It's where I live, work, and raise my children. Shouldn't that count?

If you consider yourself from Idaho/an Idahoan and you don't fit the criteria set forth by my Idaho native friend, what's your argument in claiming it? I'm very curious.

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