Not to divide this country even more, but DAMN, so many other states have terrible taste in food. just put together a list of the GROSSEST FOOD that people love in every state.  And I admit, Idaho’s is pretty disgusting.


Idaho is full of wonderfully delicious typically Idahoan food....think finger steaks, Ice cream potato and fry sauce. But did you know Idaho is the prime producer of American beluga…..Which basically is fancy way to say a big bowl of sturgeon fish eggs. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a little like taking a spoonful full of salty miniature balls of fishy tasting, squishy goop that pops in your mouth when you chew it. Some people not only love it, but it sells for about $100 an ounce…so maybe it tastes a little like money to some people.

Here are some of the highlights of other states gross foods that people actually like to eat. . .

1.  Akutaq in Alaska.  That's "Eskimo Ice Cream" . . . but not delicious Eskimo Pies.  It's a mix of seal and other animal fats, with berries, and sometimes sugar and milk.

2.  New Haven Clam Pie in Connecticut.  That's pizza with clams and white sauce.

3.  Lamb fries in Kentucky.  Those are deep-fried lamb testicles.

4.  Chop Suey Sandwich in Rhode Island.  Yes, they put chop suey between two hamburger buns

5.  Cincinnati Chili Five-Way in Ohio.  It's spaghetti with chili instead of red sauce, plus cheese, beans, and onions on top.

6.  Koolickle in Mississippi.  That's a pickle soaked in Kool-Aid.  WHAT?

Here's a look at a Koolickle....Check all the other state's grossest foods that people actually like to eat below


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