This could be the single greatest tech invention in the history of the world, and I don't think I'm overstating it.  Well maybe a little.

A self-repairing screen so we never have to worry about cracks again?  Come on!  How in the heck does it work?  Kinda like blood and a scab.  Stick with me here.

Forbes says the new self-repair technology senses when there's a crack in the screen, and releases a chemical that "hardens quickly and almost invisibly."  So just like blood changes form to make a scab, this chemical could fix the cut on your smart phone right then and there.  Genius!  No more asking the wireless store for a new phone, or putting up with a screen that only half works because of the crack.  Your screen could fix itself before you even have to worry about it.

This technology is supposed to be available for smart phones in the next five years.  And then you can throw all the tantrums you want and toss the phone to the floor when you get a sour text.

Watching that cracked screen heal will make it all better.

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