As we entered the final months of 2019, tons of us were excitedly planning our lives for 2020. Something about entering a new decade made it seem like it would be the best year ever. A calendar detailing the perfectly positioned days on which 2020 holidays would land began circulating the interwebs, heightening the excitement.


Roaring 20's NYE parties were planned and executed. This. Was. The. Year! But I don't have to tell you how it's all panned out. We've all been living through this nightmare year that's been described as Jumanji by some. So now that we're 19 days away from ushering in 2021, what are the expectations? What will our New Year's Eve celebrations going to look like?

For one, this global pandemic doesn't call for big gatherings, so that'll be different. Also, I'm unclear as to what an NYE party is celebrating. Is it celebrating the year that's passed and welcoming the new one? If that's the case, hard pass. Can't celebrate this dumpster fire. Is it celebrating that the year is over because we are longing for a new year? If so, I can get down with that.

But are we scared to be optimistic about 2021? Moving on to a new year doesn't signify anything in itself, does it? The clock doesn't strike 12 and all the problems go away. So should we just be low key about it and see how it goes? Perhaps I sound superstitious. I guess it just feels embarrassing to look back on how pumped we were for 2020, dumping all over 2019, which now seems like a dream vacation.

How are you planning to close out the year? This will be the first year in the history of my life not living in Las Vegas for a New Year's Eve. But I can't say I'm not excited to have mu husband home with me this year instead of waiting for him to get home from a nightmare shift on the Las Vegas Strip. May 2021 be kinder to all of us.


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