We all have that one drink or type of alcohol that we just cannot handle. I was recently talking to one of my best friends about the 'ol days' when we were drinking too much staying up too late and just acting like typical early 20 year olds.

Then we starting talking about the different stages we had whether it was drinking margaritas or in most cases whatever was cheapest. After a while we were chatting about alcohol we cannot drink anymore, after drinking way too much of it back in the day.

My buddy told me that he will not ever again touch Jagermeister, which I can understand. Even the smell of it makes him gag and his hangovers were always the worst with Jager.

For me, I have a hard time with Rumple Mintz. It is peppermint schapps that is high in alcohol at around 100 proof. That stuff is horrible but even worse waking up after drinking it and still having that minty taste in your mouth.

What alcohol do you refuse to drink after having too much when you were younger?

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