If you have been around the Treasure Valley for more than a summer, you already know that each year we are warned about West Nile Virus and its presence in the State of Idaho. The disease is carried by pesky mosquitos that can give it to you, simply by biting.

More times than not, we hear of Wes Nile Virus popping up outside of "the city" in more rural parts of the Treasure Valley. Now, as recent as last week, officials have found mosquitos with West Nile Virus right near the Boise Town Square Mall. Other locations of positive tests include Star, Eagle, Kuna, and Hidden Springs.

Of course, making sure you're as mosquito proof as possible is the most important step that you can take here. Make sure that if you're out in the evenings when this annoying insects are flying around, that you're wearing long sleeves to protect your skin. Buy mosquito repellant that contains deet-- this is the most effective. If you have control of your surroundings, such as your own back yard, make sure any standing water is dumped out and eliminated-- these are breeding grounds for mosquitos.

To track where there are mosquito traps around town and see WHERE West Nile Virus pops up, just click HERE.

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