The entire globe watched in awe as a massive volcanic eruption took place on the Island of Tonga. Footage of crashing water and damage was terrifying. Of course, the captured imagery didn't stop there-- the eruption was visible--very, visible--from space and recorded by satellite imagery.

As you can see below--this was far from a "small" eruption in the grand scheme of things:

And truly terrifying images from space only add to the understanding of this eruption's severity:

Aside from our concern for humanity and the greater safety of our fellow humans-- what impact did this eruption have on the entire State of Idaho? While you may assume the answer is really, next-to-none, it's actually quite significant. As captured and shared with us by Twitter user Daryl Herzman, with Iowa State University-- data has been captured to show shockwaves across the entire United States.

This rather eerie animated map shows how the eruption rippled right below our feet here in Idaho:

According to NPR, shockwaves were reported as having been felt as far away as Oregon! 

Did you feel anything here in Idaho? Science is crazy, y'all!

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