Parents of West Ada schools were informed earlier today that the district intended to be open tomorrow and planned for this week.  That has changed and they will be closed through Spring Break.

In the districts explanation earlier in the afternoon, they shared that they had met repeatedly and struggled with the complexity of the decision to either close or remain open.  It was inferred that services some students receive (such as breakfast and lunch programs) were a large part of that decision.

This evening, a new message was posted to the West Ada COVID-19 website reading:

**West Ada School District Closed Through Spring Break*

Based on parental and staff concerns about the spread of COVID-19, the decision to keep schools open has been revised.  We are canceling school from now until the end of spring break.
The West Ada COVID-19 task force will meet to determine if schools will remain closed beyond spring break.

We are focused on doing what is best for our students, our families, and the community as a whole.

Events are changing rapidly, and we will be meeting often to review what steps we will need to take next.

They also note that their Task Force will be meeting to determine if the closures will extend past Spring Break which is next week.


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