Ok, so pardon my ignorance, I'm a 33 year-old guy with no kids so I'm having a hard time seeing this...

I'm seeing a lot of people saying that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez's halftime show was TOO sexy, and not very family friendly. Was it sexy? For sure... But also, we've known these two would be performing the halftime show for quite a while. Shakira is KNOWN for her Belly Dancing and JLO is certainly known for putting on a sexy show as well.

I understand wanting to shield your kids from things that are TOO sexy, and I really respect that, but maybe it was a bit predictable that this wouldn't be the most tame halftime show ever. I keep seeing this meme being passed around which definitely makes a solid point:

That said, I can see where people are coming from and I definitely don't want to invalidate those feelings, but I thought this was an incredible performance by two major icons. Can't wait to see who performs next year!

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