Usually when the day rolls around the go to breakfast in bed or flowers and chocolates is the norm. This year though the Mix 106 Staff wanted to do something a little different for our Moms. 

They brought us into this world, and more than likely we all heard a few different times that they could take us out of it. The Momism we heard all week were fantastic and some of the funniest mornings we have had. Our Mom's mean the world to all of us. Many of them played both Mom & Dad. They made our lunches, cleaned our scrapes on our knees when we fell down, and mended our hearts after those hard breakups. There are so many ways to say we love you mom, but we thought we would put it in video our favorite Mom story.

So thank you to all the Mom's who have molded us into the people we are today. What is a Mom memory that has made you a better person because of it? - JD

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