We are all trying to balance staying well while supporting our economy the best we can in this time of crisis and confusion. Local businesses need our support more than ever. Here's some little ways you can help out, and most don't even involve money. 

1. Share local businesses social media and newsletters.

2. Leave positive reviews on websites of your favorite local businesses.

3. Tag your favorite restaurants and bakeries with what you are cooking at home. Encourage them to share recipes too. Not having people forget about these businesses when this is all over and helping them feel loved and connected is huge.

4. Buy gift cards ahead of time if you can to help you celebrate all year long. For example, if your Mom's birthday is in August. Buy her a gift card to her favorite restaurant or shop now instead of later. If you can do your Christmas shopping now, do it (online or through the drive-thru of course!)

5. Support local websites and businesses like BoiseBrides.com, which connects bridal vendors (who have been hit hard by this pandemic) with local brides-to-be. Share their site with a bride you know in your life, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

We can support our local businesses in so many ways other than just through spending. Show your favorite businesses some love today!

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