As a pet owner, there are two things that are the absolute worst: your furry cutie family member passing away; your cutie fur baby little going missing. In fact, that's true of your human family members too. But the odds of your pet getting lost are a lot higher than your child getting lost (right? That has to be right), and your pet can't talk to let anyone know they need to be returned to their owner. That's why collars with information tags exist. Just in case your pet pal goes missing, they can be traced back to you with the info on their collar.

Seems like common sense, right? But a lot of times people don't have their pets in their collars when they are just chilling at home 'cause that's not comfortable for them. But what if your cat or dog slips out a side gate or a back door when you don't realize it and their collar isn't on? Well you end up in the situation my neighbors had this weekend.

I found a little lonely dog roaming the neighborhood pretty far from his home without a collar to guide me. I called the Idaho Humane Society and was about to drive this little guy even farther away from home and his owners would have no clue where he went. In a remarkable twist of fate, the owners happened to spot me with their pooch and he settled back into his life with his family. But that could have ended very differently.

So yes, wearing a collar at all times might not be the most fun for your pet, but for sake of keeping them safe, it's the best bet.

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