Yes, you read that correctly. Drive-In movie theaters have become the trend across the country during COVID-19.

There's a reason Garth Brooks deciding on his special concert at drive-thrus last week. Who doesn't love a great parking lot party though? I feel like there's going to be an app for all of this. In the meantime, Walmart has figured it out.

Walmart has decided to convert 160 store parking lots across the country into drive-in movie theaters. I'm serious. Walmart has seen the rise in curiosity to drive hours to park in a lot to watch movies. So many of these have closed and the number of classic drive-ins are pretty small. Walmarts, on the other hand, are everywhere. Why not pop up a cool movie and then grab groceries all in the same place?

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 6.10.20 PM

This all begins in August and Walmart is teaming with Robert De Niro's media company to host all the movies being shown. So, this is a done deal and looks to show movies through October.

We'll see about that. If going to Walmart to watch movies becomes a hit this might never go away. Times are changing.

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