A polarizing debate was taken here in the Treasure Valley over process that was to name the next medical doctor or physician to the Central District Health's Board of Health just days ago. After years of serving on the board, newly elected Ada County Commissioners Rod Beck and Ryan Davidson moved to not renew Dr. Ted Epperly as the physician for the Board of Health. According to these commissioners, the Central District Health needed a physician that represented the "outside view".

These comments and this move, of course, quickly became controversial. Many that fall under the umbrella of Central District Health felt that the efforts by Beck and Davidson were over-politicized and concerns instantly grew around who would be the next physician-- would they be qualified for the gig?

Dr. Sky Blue, Idaho's leading expert on infectious disease, put his hat into the ring for the position. Despite hundreds of emails in support of Dr. Blue, the commissioners voted no. Instead, Ada County Commissioners voted 2-1 to approve Ryan Cole, a pathologist here in Boise. Cole is a bit of a controversial guy--he's been quoted for having called the COVID-19 vaccine "needle rape" and many feel he isn't a fit for this position.

Outside of the Treasure Valley, one doctor on TikTok with a pretty extensive following, had a lot to say about Ryan Cole. In a series of posted TikTok videos, the user, who goes by @ProfTracy, breaks down videos of Cole, per her own take.

You can see the videos, below: 


@scitimewithtracyI tried with the captions. But seriously…this guy. ##turnsoutthat ##datadrivendiva ##misinformation ##covid19 ##vaccine ##EatFreshRefresh

♬ original sound - ProfTracy

##duet with @scitimewithtracy Ryan Cole again. ##datadrivendiva ##turnsoutthat ##vaccine ##covid19 ##misinformation ##MyTeacherWins

♬ original sound - ProfTracy

@scitimewithtracy##duet with @scitimewithtracy Ryan Cole part 2b. ##datadrivendiva ##turnsoutthat ##vaccine ##covid19 ##misinformation ##MyTeacherWins

♬ original sound - ProfTracy


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