We've got to admit, it's a little gross--but if you didn't already know this, the City of Boise is monitoring our "poo" and they're monitoring it closely.

Call it taking the browns to the super bowl or "busting a grumpy", the City of Boise is checking it out because of the concerns surrounding COVID-19.

It has been going on for some time and it's actually quite wise-- it's a unique way to check the average virus quantity at two facilities that treat wastewater for Boise, Garden City, and Eagle.

These "water renewal" facilities allow the City of Boise to know what's going on with COVID in our area and the upticks in COVID presence in the waste water has, historically, shown up as an accurate measurement for COVID numbers from local health officials in our city.

One local Twitter user shared a recent graph online, directly from the City of Boise:


Of course, many locals had concerns as well: 





Could Boise be in for another wave of COVID-19? We certainly hope not. You can view the data for yourself, HERE.

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