It might be the most delicious fight to ever happen in Boise....and if it was a fight over just how good each BBQ joint's food was, this would be a lot more fun, but unfortunately it isn't about BBQ at all..It's much more serious than that.

Plagiarism is no joke. We definitely know that in the media business and know how to give credit where it's due. We also teach our children to be original and not copy others, but what would you do if you woke up one day and realized that your work was being copied by a huge corporation? This recently happened to a Boise business owner.

In an exclusive story Boisedev reported recently that locally owned BBQ4Life, located at 930 S Vista Avenue in Boise was batting  head-to-head with the corporate office of Dickey's Barbecue over rights to a logo. The owner of BBQ4life Brad Taylor, not only calls his establishment, BBQ for life, but he  actually has it tattooed on his knuckles.

The same image of tattooed knuckles that Dickey's BBQ had been using to market their BBQ

BBQ for Life
Credit: BBQf4life,

So you could imagine Taylor's  obvious surprise when he started seeing near-identical image promoted by Dickey's, a national BBQ chain, last year....especially since he had it tatooed on his knuckle and had used it in marketing his BBQ joint first.

He worked with lawyers to issue a cease and desist order against Dickey's. Unfortunately, Taylor did not originally trademark the logo when he opened his business due to lack of resources, but has decided to do so now.

Finally after a year of fighting, a PR rep for Dickey's released the following statement last week: "At Dickey’s, our franchisees are local business owners and we consider them a part of our extended family.  As such, we support and respect other hard working local business owners who are passionate about great barbecue. Dickey’s believes in authentic barbecue and healthy competition, and never intended to cause confusion nor upset within the barbecue community. Dickey’s is in the process of changing out stock of our takeout bags at all Dickey’s stores in the Boise market and beyond. We look forward to serving our loyal guest delicious barbecue in less confusing takeout bags."

So all's well that ends well right?  Dicky's did the right thing and Taylor gets to exclusively use his marketing can we all just fight over who has the best BBQ...I volunteer to judge

Read more about Taylor's victory here.



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