Guest chefs are teaming up this week with Boise restaurants to offer some things that you might not have tried before, and they're celebrating their home countries in the process.  There's still time to check out some great international cuisine with Boise's Refugee Restaurant Week.  This is another great excuse to eat big!

Organizers of Boise Refugee Restaurant Week say the effort helps support refugee chefs and farmers while enjoying some new cuisine, and it's going on through the end of the week.

Some of the restaurants that are part of it include:

Grit American Cuisine

Modern Hotel and Bar


The Hyde House

They'll have different international foods prepared by connected chefs, including Iraqi and Syrian dishes.  The goal of the week is to promote awareness of refugees in Boise and all of the skills that they’re bringing to the community, according to Boise WeeklyRefugee Restaurant Week in 2016 to let these chefs share their passion for food with the Treasure Valley. Some of the foods are prepared by refugee chefs, and some of the ingredients are grown by refugee farmers.

Refugee Restaurant Week runs through Sunday, with staggered dishes offered between now and then at your favorite locally-sourced restaurants.  It's just one more way that Boise continues to be creative and unique, and hit us in the taste buds at the same time.  This is fun.

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