Today will be a day that goes down in history. A total solar eclipse that went from coast to coast America - and was perfectly visible in Idaho. While the total solar eclipse was awe-inspiring, there was quite a lot of downtime waiting for the "magic moment." We here at MIX filled our time by spitting out these dad jokes. Try not to laugh!

The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 has come and gone, and while the actual event may not have been all you may have hoped for, it was a great day to tell really really awesomely horrible bad silly jokes. Nicole came up with a list of some of the silliest jokes ala #DadJokes and bust them on us outside during the historic event. Yes as you will see in the video, while the rest of our fellow co-workers enjoyed the events in the sky, we kept it on the ground and told some #BadEclipseJokes. Enjoy.

Yeah I dressed for the part too. :) We hoped you enjoyed the Solar Eclipse and thank you for watching our attempt at another #TryNotToLaugh edition. If you missed the OG, Bad Dad Jokes please watch that episode below. And as always if you have some awesomely horrible dad jokes, send them in and let us take a crack at it.  -JD

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