Warm weather is great for ice cream! Actually, any weather is if you ask me. I enjoy the frozen treat on cold rainy days. But for most people ice cream is the perfect complement to a sunny spring day. And Delsa's Homemade Ice Cream and Restaurant  has opened a new location just in time for you to indulge in some creamery classics as we head into the warmest weekend we've had in several months.

Though it was April Fools' Day, they weren't joking about opening their Meridian location on W Chinden Blvd today. Even cooler, they're located right across the patio from Loose Screw Beer Co. Loose Screw took to Instagram to share that you can actually order from Delsa's menu in the tap room. Even if you order inside Delsa's restaurant, they'll walk your order over to the taproom.

And it looks like the long standing ice cream parlour and restaurant has no plans of slowing down. Their website teases a future location on Mcmillan and Linder, which I'm pumped about because that's really close to my house. Delsa's on Ustick, their original location, will open April 15th.

Though ice cream is their claim to fame, they offer a full menu including almost different burgers and sandwiches. The kids menu actually has more options than just chicken tenders. And of course, the ice cream, which you can have in scoops or convert into milkshakes. Basically Delsa's will put you in a food coma and you won't be mad about it.

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