When I first heard of this story I was shocked that people here in the Treasure Valley would attempt to get Opioid Prescriptions for their animals. First reported by KIVI, Veterinarians are dealing with an opioid shortage for drug seeking pet owners. The worst part is that lots of these animal owners are hurting their own pet in attempts to get their hands on these drugs.

As described by a Medical Officer from here in the Treasure Valley, Opioids are prescribed every day for pets. But they try to be very careful with how much they send home with any client. And recently they have added that if a client asks for more of the prescription they are now required to do another in-office visit so the Veterinarian can check on the animal face-to-face.

Opioid shortages are causing many Veterinary offices to try to use other forms of medication to help during the painful times, as pharmaceutical companies are prioritizing distribution to human hospitals. As an animal lover if you suspect anyone of injuring their animal in attempts to gain pain medicine please let law enforcement know immediately, it's sickening that people would do something like this.

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