Are you a snuggler? Maybe all you think about is heading home, getting in pjs and cuddling with your SO, your fur baby, or maybe even one of those 'boyfriend pillows'. Well, what if I told you that you can actually have a living breathing human being cuddle you without all that relationship commitment stuff? Well, you today.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Snuggle Buddiez is dedicated to making you feel better through the power of human contact. Professional 'snugglists' will come to your home, meet you at the movie theater, or at the "snuggle studio" in Boise. For up to 10 hours you can get cozy with a stranger who has had online training and five practice snuggling sessions.

The downside? It'll cost you. According to the Statesman, a cuddling session will cost about $80. Snuggle Buddiez says those who use the service are typically those that recently experienced a breakup, are constantly working, or those that like to cuddle, but not ready for a relationship.

According to Snuggle Buddiez, there are some awesome benefits to spooning including:

  1. Decreased stress and increased relaxation

  2. Lessened depression

  3. Lessened anxiety and social anxiety

  4. Improved social skills

  5. Improved self-esteem Improved sleep

  6. Lowered blood pressure and heart rate

  7. Reduced risk of heart disease

  8. Improved immune system and faster recovery

  9. Protection against inflammation and oxidation stress

  10. Pain relief and raised pain threshold

  11. Reduced drug cravings

  12. Lessened PTSD

So, would you try it out?

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