Shut up and take my money.

When I was younger, my dad told me that I'd never find a boyfriend because every time we went out to eat I'd order like a child. It didn't matter what type of restaurant we were at, if chicken tenders and fries were on the menu that's what I was ordering.  Who's laughing now? Not only did I meet a guy that appreciates my love of crispy chicken goodness, but enjoys a good "all you can eat" menu too!

If you're the type of person that sees the word "all you can eat" not as a type of menu item, but as an actual challenge then you need to hurry to the nearest Treasure Valley Applebee's location! For a limited time, they're offer all you can eat chicken tenders, riblets or shrimp with sides of coleslaw and fries for just $14.99! (As a meal on it's own, the shrimp is $11.99 so if you order a second portion you're already making out like a bandit!)

According to Simplemost, they haven't said how long the all you can eat menu will be around so if you're stomach is rumbling thinking about it I'd go sooner rather than later!

Applebee's is also offering Captain and Colas for $2 all of January!

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