My son is almost 6 years old and loves to build anything. It's the one thing he will immerse himself into a crazy focus on finishing the project. I love that about him.

That brings me to this question that maybe you could help me with. What if he asks for the $250 Travis Scott McDonald's Menu that is made as a rug? I mean I'm okay with the $6 meal I guess but do we need his favorites living on a rug in our house?

Travis Scott is a very popular rapper who is also the boyfriend of Kylie Jenner. They have a baby together and the list goes on. Well, it's a McList now considering Travis just teamed up with McDonald's with his own Travis Scott meal coming in at a $6 price tag.

If you purchase the "Travis Scott Meal" you take home a Quarter Pounder with cheese, medium fries with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite with extra ice. That's the meal? Isn't that already like a #6?

McDonald's is in the same boat as everyone else losing so much during the pandemic. The end of July reports had McDonald's losing almost 30% globally and it just gets worse in all categories. I guess maybe teaming up with Travis Scott is a chance to be more relevant. You have so many options that deliver to your house now. Are you ordering the golden arches or going with something more local? Are you going for fast food taste or spending more coin to get your burger from Big Jud's?

Whatever you're looking for Travis is even selling merchandise. It's time to go big with his $300 dark-wash denim with the Golden Arches embroidered or $250 menu rug. That could come in handy when ordering on the fly right? Is your guy in the mood for a chicken nugget body pillow? That will set you back $90.

This isn't a forever deal and will end on October 4, 2020.

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