I'm sure the first thing that comes to mind is housing costs, but that barely makes the top 5... Believe it or not, we're a bit more about vanity!

I moved to the Treasure Valley (Meridian, specifically) in January of last year because I was offered the morning job at Mix 106. Prior to that, I hadn't really considered moving to Idaho. I grew up in Las Vegas and I always knew about the Boise area and heard good things, but it wasn't something that was necessarily on my radar. And then I was contacted about the job and got to fly out for an interview. After growing up in the heat of Las Vegas, the number ONE thing that attracted me to the Treasure Valley was the weather. I actually had some misconceptions about Treasure Valley Weather; I was under the impression that it would be very similar to Denver, Colorado; extremely cold and snowy all winter, oh how wrong I was!

According to bestplaces.net, the top three things that bring people to the Boise area are:

  • The Mild Climate
  • The Abundance of outdoor recreation
  • And the attractive setting... See? Vanity!

They say looks shouldn't matter but clearly the Treasure Valley is growing so rapidly because people find her attractive, and rightfully so! Look at all the beautiful mountains and scenery surrounding us and the anchor city is named "the city of trees"! That's hot!

The other two big factors that play into the extraordinary growth of the Treasure Valley are:

  • Of course the cost of living/housing; though it is a lot higher now than it has been in the past, you can still find some amazing deals.
  • And safety and security. The crime rates are so low here, it's impressive.

I've lived in Vegas, Tampa, Denver and San Diego and I've never experienced such low crime. Will that change as the area becomes more populated? We shall see, but in the mean time, we live in a beautiful, mild weathered, safe and somewhat affordable haven. No wonder it's such a hot spot!

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