There's a mission planned for this August to head underwater to the Titanic's wreck site to retrieve the wireless telegraph machine. People are trying to block this, but should we get it before Titanic is gone forever?

I say "we" but I really mean "they". I've been a big fan of Titanic since I was a kid; I fan the story fascinating, the conspiracy theories (a big insurance scam) wild, and the wreck site as a quickly deteriorating time capsule that should be explored before the salt water takes her away for good.

The United States government has sued the Atlanta based firm that plans to do the expedition and says it's against the federal pact with Britain to leave the wreck undisturbed, or, not do anything "that would physically alter or disturb the wreck."

My thought on this is that we've known for years that the ship is eroding quickly and could very well crumble into the water and be gone forever. Why not retrieve that radio and see what kind of fascinating history can be restored and saved from that?

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