When I met my husband, Tim, 14 years ago he had a clean shaven baby face. When I fell in love with him 3 years later he still had not a stitch of facial hair to be seen. Turns out he was prohibited from sporting facial hair per the rules of the fine dining restaurant in which he worked. Any facial hair had to be neat and well groomed, otherwise a clean shaven face was required. Poor Timbo needs almost two months before his facial hair doesn't look like he's given up on himself aesthetically.

Then the pandemic hit and he was furloughed from work. While I obviously am attracted to his face, I was dying to see what a full mustache and beard would look like and this was the perfect opportunity. I begged him to let it grow out, and he graciously acquiesced. Boy, was it a scruffy road to getting a proper beard grown. Some argue it never got there, but I loved it so much!

It appears a lot of men have grown out their beards during quarantine pandemic life. Initially I was all for it, but now I think it's time to bust out the clippers and razors. The beards serve as daily reminders that this has been a dumpster fire year. Clean shaven faces symbolize hope for the future and a reminder of a better past. As part of our new life in Idaho, Tim shaved his face today. I feel like it's a good omen for the future and I encourage all men to do this. I've regularly been shaving my mustache and my life is steadily getting better.

Men who were rocking facial hair before pandemic life should keep it, though. No need to ruin original aesthetics if that was always the vibe. I just want things to go back the way they were and I'm tying all my hope to hair removal.


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