Ever feel like your life is the sequel to Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Some days really just derail into toxic cesspools of misery. Every person you encounter is somehow a colossal idiot, you can't seem to do anything right at work, and you're running behind on every task you're supposed to complete for the day. The temptation to fall to the floor in a fit of hysterics reaches fever pitch.

But you're an adult! You can't throw a tantrum like some insufferable toddler. And therapy is expensive. What you need to do is channel that energy into chucking axes at a bullseye. Base Camp Pong + Axe Gastropub provides a fun atmosphere where you and friends can get your grub on and throw axes at targets you can picture have your co-worker's face on them. Actually, bring a picture of whoever you can't stand and tape it on there. I'm sure it's fine (don't quote me).

You can book a private session for $37 per person and a professional will guide you through a round robin style tournament. Save $12 when you opt for participating in Open Throw. You and others take turns throwing axes for for 90 minutes. Walk-ins only and subject to availability. Plus there's food! Their menu has everything from chips and salsa to a Wagyu burger.

So don't throw a fit when your life is falling apart. Throw an axe and eat your feelings at Base Camp Pong + Axe Gastropub. Click here to book a session and learn more about this super fun experience.

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