There's nothing like a good viral meme to brighten your day. Lately there have been a ton centered around the two most popular Netflix shows right now: Squid Game and You. I'm personally invested in You memes right now because I identify with the unhinged jealous lead female on the show. I mean, I'm not going to kill anyone, of course. But they're low key relatable.

When the state you live in is the subject of a viral meme, it feels kind of cool like Idaho is a celebrity or something. The "Dreams" Ocean Spray guy definitely did us a solid with that viral TikTok that was all positive vibes. Sure, it was a video, but it also got meme'd a ton, and we get to claim him as an Idahoan. We even had a meme go mini-viral about construction on the I-84 in Nampa created by Moug from Moug & Angie Mornings.

But this latest meme making the rounds on Instagram and Twitter shouldn't make any sense, but it does: "don't ask me to explain this but iowa, ohio, and idaho are all the same place, and that place is indiana."

I'm so mad at how hilarious this is. I know that Idaho is rich with its own culture and we're very proud of our community here, but from the outside we are just one in the list of states starting with a vowel that scream farmland and suburbia. In fact, unless you live here or in any of those states, they all seem interchangeable. I won't lie, I've gotten Iowa and Indiana confused before.

Can't be mad though. It's just a silly meme, after all. And at least it's not dragging us politically like a lot of other tired memes.

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