With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to examine the creepy, scary legends located here in Idaho. Did you know that Idaho's creepiest urban legend is located here in the Treasure Valley?

Credit: Rachel H, https://youtu.be/XHrh20fLCXI
Credit: Rachel H,https://youtu.be/XHrh20fLCXI

There are many creepy urban legends and stories from here in Idaho, but according to Thrillist.com, Idaho's creepiest urban legend is located in Caldwell, in the Canyon Hill Cemetery.

According to many people who have visited Canyon Hill Cemetery at night, there is the story from some who claim to have seen a phantom female jogger running or rather floating through the cemetery.

According to legend, apparently if you want to have the best chance of seeing this jogging apparition, you have to park between specific trees in the cemetery at night. You'll know if you’ve been successful if the legless apparition  knocks on your window to let you know she’s there, then continue to run silently on her route.

I'd like to tell you, that I was going to park and check it out for myself to share with all of you but there is NO WAY that's happening. It's scary and creepy to even be parking in any cemetery at night in the first place so I'm sure as hell not going to park in one where people have claimed to see a legless woman jogging for no reason.

So if you'd like to check it out, please be my guest and feel free to report back your findings....if you dare.

You can also check out some other creepy places by watching the video below!



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