When it comes to matters of state affairs, Big Seven Travel is calling it like they see it, one Shallow Hal judgement at a time.


A recent study performed by the popular leisure and travel company begs an age-old question some say has bedeviled Americans for generations: in the land of the free and home of the brave, which of its great 50 states is the hottest? In case you're still circling the airport on that one, we'll help you land the plane: we're not talking about weather or seasons.

From the finest of the fine to the fugliest of the fugly, Big Seven Travel set out on a superficial but arguably noble mission to put each of America's states in their respective zone of hotness.


Will each state find reason to celebrate their ranking? Doubt it. Will several states take issue with being judged by the unfortunate looks of their citizenry rather than the content of their character or GDP output? For sure.

But this is America—land of the selfie and home of the filtered. Shamelessly judging our neighbors, politicians, and celebrities for the slightest perceived flaw or fall from grace has become a national pastime. You disagree? Let us remember the '07 Britney meltdown.


Here's the deal: Idaho, our Gem State we tend to think of as a breathtaking example of American beauty, didn't even make Big Seven Travel's top 25 hottest states in America. It's sad, but true.

According to The Top 50 Sexiest States in America - Ranked, "With an official nickname of the Gem State, Idaho isn’t actually home to many precious hotties."

—Big Seven Travel Staff Writer

Which brings us to what makes Idaho hotter than our Big Sky neighbor, Montana. Montana was ranked the 29th hottest state while Idaho took the title of the far superior 28th hottest state in America.



Are there 27 states ranked hotter than the home of the potato? You betcha. But we embrace life on the petty side and we're running with our one-degree-of-separation-victory over fugly-as* Montana.

Stay 28th beautiful state in the nation, Idaho.


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