Ladies, what can a guy say in a Tinder message that makes you roll your eyes, say "whatever dude," and rule him out?  Well, besides that.  How about this one.

I'm on Tinder and Plenty of Fish.  I used to do and Christian Mingle, but seemed to have the best luck meeting guys on Tinder and PoF so I stuck with them and I love that they're free.  (People say they're hookup sites, but I haven't found that to be true.  I think one attracts what one wants to attract and that can be done anywhere!)

Here's an exchange yesterday on PoF that is worth sharing.

Initial message from a guy: "Hi!  You look incredible.  :)  What are you up to?"

Me:  "Hey.  Thank you!  You look good too.  I just dropped off my girls and came home to answer a few work emails.  What are you doing?"

Him:  "Thanks.  :)  Not too much here.  Just sitting around"

Ok, I get no points for being exciting because of my work email answer, but at least I offered a follow up question.  (And I wasn't sure about him, so I didn't want to be too attractive and appealing.  Haha!)

Here's the thing.  Please don't ever say you're just sitting around!  Because here's what happens.  Women are superheroes and we have a constant motor running, necessary to accomplish all that we accomplish in a day.  We have so many plates spinning at all times, that when a potential date says they're just "sitting around," we immediately flash forward five years and picture what life will be like when we're making dinner, helping kids with homework, doing laundry, answering texts, calling the plumber to fix the sink, and doing ab resistance training by tightening tummy muscles while standing at the stove, and the whole time the man we met on PoF and married is on the couch "sitting around."  We shudder to think.

"Sitting on the patio with a glass of wine after a long day at work" would be better.  At least then you prove to us you still have the energy to offer some descriptive words, and then to follow it up with, "So...are you a wine drinker?" would be even better.  Wow!  The convo keeps going and we're finding things in common.

Ladies, would you keep chatting with the sitter?  What other lame answers make you quit responding to messages?  Tell us on Facebook.

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