VRBO or Vacation rental by owner is big business. Here for your viewing pleasure, according to Homeaway are the most popular rentals for each state including here in Idaho. (Bet you can't guess where it is.)

Idaho's most popular vacation rental spot is located in Island Park just outside Yellowstone park. It's a five bedroom cabin that sleeps 20. What makes this popular rental unique is that it's in a small populated area of Idaho, known for large amounts of snow and also frigidly cold weather. Island park holds the record for one of the lowest temperature in Idaho history at 60 below zero.

What is does have going for it is that it's a year around resort, with winter snow activities and summer activities as well, like fishing and sightseeing. I still think it's a little strange that this out of the way place is the most popular vacation rental destination in Idaho, especially when you consider all the great places there are in Sun Valley, Couer d 'Alene, McCall, and Boise etc.

Thinking of visiting one of the other 50 states and looking for a great popular place to stay, here from USA Today are the top vacation rental destinations with pictures for each state.

Credit Homeaway.com
Credit Homeaway.com


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