The weekend is finally here, couldn't you just kiss the earth? It's been a long week of work and weirdo weather (why was it sunny and cold?). But the weekend promises sunshine and actually warm temperatures. That's what The Weather Channel app on my phone said, anyway. She's usually right. And perfect weather days are the best ones to "Treat Yo Self" weekend.

There's debate on the time of day you should get a massage. Too early in the day and you're too relaxed to do anything else. Too late in the day and you might flat out fall asleep, missing out on the experience. I'll leave that up to you to decide, but I can help you out with where you should be spending your money and time for the ever important massage therapy you deserve after a daunting week.

According to Yelp, Organic Origins Spa is killin' the massage game. It's got a 5 star overall rating and a ton of glowing reviews from happy customers:

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! The employees here are all super sweet and helpful. My husband and I are big fans of Chantel and Marissa! They were wonderful and gave some amazing massages! We will definitely be back!!!" - Heather M.

"I've had a lot of massages in Boise over the past six years, and the one I got here was one of the best! First of all, bonus points for ambiance -- beautiful and soothing setting the moment you walk in. The staff at the front desk greeted me professionally and warmly. Rachel was my massage therapist. I really appreciated her skilled and firm massage. I fell asleep probably 10 minutes into the appointment. Thank you!" - Lisa E.

"Christi was Amazing!! It was my first time visiting this spa and I can't wait to come back!! Everyone was  professional and friendly and the spa was clean and looked very nice. I had an 80 minute massage with cupping and Christi did a great job with the techniques and I feel refreshed and relaxed! I highly recommend this place and Christi.
John gave my sister a massage and had a wonderful experience too! Thank you!"
- Lauren M.

It look like you can request any therapist and they will do a good job. Which is nice, 'cause trying to avoid getting stuck with "the bad one" is stressful and awkward. The first visit is at a discounted rate, but it gets a bit pricier after that especially if you don't join their wellness plan. Save your first visit for "Treat Yo Self" weekend and you're golden.


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