When I think of Idaho in general, there are definitely some smells that come to mind. And most of them are good. Sure, there's the occasional smoke and farm animal smell can permeate the air in a less than pleasant way. But often the air is crisp and it smells... green. Lot of trees, after all. That outdoorsy woodsy smell when you're on a hike and of course the rivers and lakes. Idaho tends to be a treat for the olfactory system. But what about a scent that's Boise specific?

The sweat of BSU football players, perhaps? Does The Blue have a scent? Maybe the smell of hops in beer? Boise does have a lot of excellent breweries and ale houses. Truthfully I'm not sure what I would bottle as a signature scent for the city. But someone already has.

Zara has a cologne called Vibrant Leather Boise. So...Boise smells like vibrant leather? According to fragrance website Fragrantica (also a good baby name), Vibrant Leather Boise is comprised of the following: Top note is Labdanum; middle note is Incense; base notes are Palo Santo and Leather. In basic terms, it's a woody fragrance. And apparently a nice smelling one, with a 4.3/5 star rating on the site.

Now for the plot twist! It's not Vibrant Leather "Boy-see." It's Vibrant Leather "Bwa-zay." That's right, it's not pronounced like our beloved city. Has nothing to do with us. But isn't it crazy that it's a woody scent, which kind of seems perfect. Also, should we start a campaign to pronounce it "Bwa-zay" instead of "Boy-see"? I think so...

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