This Boise restaurant has been named the "Best Christmas Buffet in Idaho," not only is the food delicious, but it's also free on Christmas!

Madhuban Indian Cuisine has been named the "Best Christmas Buffet" in the state by and with good reason! They've been named "Best Indian Food" 11-years in a row!

They've been doing free lunch buffets on Christmas for the past few years. You may want to contact them ahead of time to find out the details, but that sounds like one incredible deal!

I also love the thought of expanding beyond the traditional Christmas ham or turkey and I could drink curry through a straw, so I'm all about having some Indian food for Christmas.

This also got me thinking about those who are less fortunate in our community. Not only does this give them a place to get a great meal, but it provides instant company and you may make a great friend at this unconventional Christmas table.

Two thumbs up Madhuban! We are proud to have to as a part of our community!

Madhuban Indian Cuisine is located at 6930 West State Street in Boise.

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