Recently named the most oddball home in Idaho, this unique 'Treehouse' was originally built in 2000 by an artist. Described on Zillow as “the love child of Grizzly Adams, Dr. Seuss, and Van Gogh,” this off-grid three-bedroom in northern Idaho "spills down a wooded hillside and boasts plenty of unique features. Among them: Hidden rooms and staircases, a hand-carved bird sanctuary, an “eagle’s nest” with river views, a wood-carved spiral staircase, and a mosaic tub carved out of rock." Cheapism ranked every state and came up with the most 'Oddball Home' in every state. This treehouse won for the gem state. 

One of my very favorite movies growing up was Swiss Family Robinson. Such a classic, a family ends up shipwrecked and forced to create a life and home on a deserted island. They create and live in an elaborate treehouse. Other fun treehouse movies that come to mind are The Sandlot, Tarzan, Bridge to Terabithia, George of the Jungle and Hook.

While Boise may be known as 'The City of Trees' there are not a lot of treehouses around. Some forts and small tree structures for kids here and there, but to see a true tree house in the gem state, you are going to have to venture out a of the city. This particular Treehouse is in Northern Idaho in Sagle.

The Redfin listing is for just over 11 acres including the main 4 story home that looks much like a tree house, and two additional structures on the property. When you see the photos, you will definitely notice the artistic touches all over, including beautiful stained glass and mosaics featured throughout. According to the listing there are also secret rooms.

The Redfin listing says, "See the milky way galaxy from the porch of your home with privacy, wildlife and nature surrounding you on this just over 11 acre property. The off grid cabin known locally as the ''Tree House'' is a most unique and eclectic 4-story off-grid building overlooking the Pend O'rielle river. The property has 3 outbuildings: a dog kennel/storage shed, outhouse, and a sauna/bath house equipped with a 55 gallon drum that can be heated by wood."

Idaho Treehouse Custom Built By Artist

The Redfin listing is for just over 11 acres including the main 4 story home that looks much like a tree house, and two additional structures on the property. The home was originally built in 2000 by an artist. 

Gallery Credit: Nikki West

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