Here's the thing. I'm a renter. I haven't even given thought to buying a house yet because I'm not a real adult. But any time someone asks me if I'm ready to buy a home, before I can answer they tell me I'm better off renting because prices are ridiculous right now. I really love the home I'm in now so I decided to check out Zillow's estimate for it. Honestly, I was surprised that it wasn't nearly as high as I was expecting, given the way people talk about the market. I will say that my monthly rent is definitely making my landlord a profit. But good for her! It's still affordable enough for me. But I live in Meridian.

I work in Boise and decided to take a look at houses close to the jobsite just in case I do decide to make a change. And boy was I disappointed! Ya'll are not lying about housing costs skyrocketing. This modest 954 sq ft home which sold in 2016 at $150K is now listed at $499,900! Basically half a million dollars and I don't want to be a hater, but...look at it.

Realty In Idaho/Zillow

I'm not saying this wouldn't or hasn't made a lovely home for someone, but the exterior leaves much to be desired. Plain and worn out with a lackluster lawn. And only a one car garage. For comparison, the house I'm renting has a 2 car garage and a tidy two tone paint job.

As for the yard, at the very least seems spacious, though lacking in desperately needed landscaping.

Realty In Idaho/Zillow

Safe to say this is more of a fixer upper than anything. But it's wild to spend such an exorbitant amount of money on something that needs loads of work to look like it's worth what you just spent on it. But I guess an 83706 zip code is worth it? Maybe there's something I'm not seeing?

Fine, the lot is a little over 12,000 sq ft. Arguably that's great. I guess I'm just not so into that when I'm looking for a place to raise a family. But if that's what you're looking for, this house may be it for you. Still...half a million dollars! Maybe I'll rent forever.

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