The next time you hang out on the shoreline in McCall, it may look a little different.

There's a new plan in place to clean up the part of the shoreline that's been littered by old docks and decaying wood, and the goal is to incorporate our ideas into that bigger plan.  So let McCall know what you want to see!

There's a stretch of waterfront in McCall that's full of old docks, scraps of docks, and maybe even old pontoons, and it just doesn't look uniform.  Now there's a plan in place to clean up that area, and the goal is to have it in prime shape by next spring, according to KTVB.

The new economic development director has highlighted the area of Payette Lake shoreline between Mile High Marina and Brown Park for the fixer upper project. Kurt Wolf is McCall’s parks and recreation director, and says this fall cleaning is big-picture plan to spruce up the lake.

KTVB also says Wolf is looking for public input on what to build on the stretch where a mill used to be. Brown Park was formerly known as Mill Park.

Michelle Groenevelt is McCall’s community development director, and added the title of economic development director to her title last week.  She'll be instrumental in this process too.

Payette Lake has been around for 10,000 years after being carved into place by a glacier, and every once in awhile it might need a little TLC along the way.  By the time next summer's Regatta rolls around, at least one stretch of the waterfront could be looking a whole lot different.

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