For weeks Charene had been telling me about this delicious taco spot she found and that I needed to try it. Since I live out in Nampa and there are so many delicious food trucks and Mexican restaurants I didn't really feel the need to go out of my way to check this place out. Now I wish I could have that time back because she was right the tacos at Tin Roof Tacos are beyond amazing!

After we wrapped up the Backpack Buddies fundraiser on the radio my wife Savannah met me in Boise so we could eat some dinner before starting our busy weekend. She asked if I had a place I wanted to go so I thought Tin Roof would be great and it's pretty close to the station so the decision was simple.

The only difficulties I had were getting a parking spot and picking which tacos I wanted. I had the brisket and fried chicken taco which were both amazing, plus the chips and queso was phenomenal. The queso had some spice to it but not overpowering, just the way Iike it! So, I have a new taco destination in Boise, and after writing this I think I know where I am going for lunch today.

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