I want to give plenty of warning here...this is NOT a conversation for the kiddos.  In fact, if you're looking with young kids, let me recommend you hit back and skip this page for now.

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If you're little kids have started to become bigger kids, you may be navigating the "who is Santa" and "is Santa Real" questions.  I can only imagine how difficult the decision of when the right moment for that conversation must be.

In truth, I'm already scared to face it.  One day, my little guy will want to know, and the joy of being a part of the magic will change a bit.

I came across a letter that a mother provided her son, pinned on another (Melissa Grass') Pinterest Board, and perfectly laying out the "truth" of the situation and a beautiful and encouraging way.  If you're facing the questions, it's so worth a read.  You can find it HERE.

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