So, you ready for some football Idaho? The Boise State Bronco Spring game just took place on the blue and the Vandals just ended their season. BSU won't bring things back to Albertson's stadium until September 11, 2021.

There is a new team in town that has quietly gone under the radar. Welcome to the Idaho Horsemen which is a professional Indoor football organization that kicks off their season in a few weeks.

The Idaho Horsemen have only played a season back in 2019 going undefeated and becoming the 2019 AWFC Champions. That is a perfect season and the team plans to run that success back this season from the Ford Idaho Center.

If you can't wait until the college football season kicks off you might want to open your eyes this the Idaho Horsemen. Indoor football is fun and you're likely to see some local stars you might recognize that migrated from Bronco Nation to Horsemen Nation.

The season opens at the Ford Idaho Center against the Oregon High Desert Storm on Saturday, May 8 at 7 PM.  The team will play the next two games at home on May 14 against the Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks and then against the Yakima Canines on Friday, May 21.

It's great to see some local football and potentially some familiar faces on the field. You can never have too much football and this right be a good warmup for my 6-year-old to go out and watch a game. I remember growing up in Texas and my dad took me to a Houston Oilers (Currently the Texans) and I got to wear a baby blue cowboy hat. That is a true story!

I guarantee my wife isn't allowing any baby blue cowboy hats in the house. I'll get him some Horsemen gear.

Looks like fun, Go Horsemen!


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