We've all got a favorite spot that flies under the radar and doesn't get the buzz that other restaurants do, and maybe we're kinda glad because it's our little secret. Until now.

The most underrated restaurant in Idaho just happens to be in Boise.

MSN ran an article over the weekend that listed the Most Underrated Restaurant in Every State, and said Bar Gernika was the pick in Idaho.

Bar Gernika is at Capitol Blvd. and Grove Street in Downtown Boise, and specializes in authentic Basque food, wine and dessert. MSN says the croquettas get rave reviews.  They've got everything from burgers to lamb dip and Basque style rice pudding.

What do you think is our most underrated spot?  I've given some love to Chandler's before because I love the salmon.  Maybe you love Bonefish Grill or Tucano's Brazilian Grill. Or Pad Thai House or all of the above.  Some of these restaurants are not "underrated."   Ninety-eight percent of the Treasure Valley has been there once or twenty times, and we understand that you're not very American until you've taken a bite at one of these places.  Or something to that effect.

If you love Idaho Pizza Company or The Griddle, or something different please turn us onto it.  We're always looking for new places to try and we don't mind giving the hard-working restaurant owners a little high five.  We'll prepare ourselves to wait a little longer for a table next time we're there.

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