You may think it will never happen to you, or if it does, you'll never fall for it, but these scammers are pretty sneaky. Here's the scams circling around the Treasure Valley that you've got to be really careful not to fall for. 


The claim there is a problem with your FedEx shipment and then ask for your personal information in order to steal your identity.


Everyone trusts Amazon, and that's why this scam is so scary. They claim there is a problem with your Amazon Prime account or your Amazon delivery in order to get personal information out of you.


This is the saddest scam of all. You go to buy a puppy online out of state and you have to put down a few hundred dollars to reserve the puppy, but they keep dragging things on and asking for more money for things like shipping and crate costs. In the end, you're out a couple grand and you never get a puppy!

The Boise Police just released their 2019 citizens report which takes a look at crime in the city. They saw a 30% increase in fraud, including scams and identity theft according to a report on KTVB.

Be very careful. My boyfriend tried to sell a mattress once and much like the puppy scam, they wanted him to send a check before they sent him money for the mattress. He was just about to fall for it when I told him it was a scam and indeed it was!



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