While there are plenty of Idahoans who have no issue with California, there are quite a few in the Gem State who have issues with our neighbors out west. We’re not here to fan the flames or try to create a bigger divide either. Rather, this is intended to help remind people that there are locals, right here in Idaho, who have found things they enjoyed when visiting California that they would enjoy here in Idaho. Why should that matter? Because there seems to be so much hate focused on one state for intangible reasons that it may be time to start creating a bridge of peace.

Think of it as a “couple’s therapy” exercise and in this particular instance, we asked locals what are some things from California that they would hypothetically welcome to Idaho. You know, the whole “say something nice about one another” routine only Idaho is going first.

There will be people who will never change their feelings on California and that’s okay, we’re not here to change your mind. There are, however, plenty of Idahoans who weren’t threatened by the question and had fun with it, thinking of things that made them say: “That would be nice to have here in Idaho!”

Let’s look at some of the things from California that the people of Idaho are on record saying that they would love to have in the Gem State.

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