This is becoming a topic online as movie businesses are wonder if they will be able to survive during COVID-19. The question is remains to be seen if people will come out to theaters anytime soon.

We've been posting articles discussing these movies by boat on the lake, drive-in movies, and blow screens for the park. What's next? The Flicks in Downtown Boise isn't giving up quite yet.

The Boise cinema and cafe plans on opening this weekend that include specific COVID-19 safety measures. First, let's announce the first movies for showing July 24th - July 30th.

  • A White, White Day
  • JAWS
  • Relic
  • The Truth
  • Amulet
  • Never Too Late

The Flicks has been talking Phenomenal Aire system that's new.

We have installed a system throughout our building that cleans the air removing bacteria, viruses, allergens, fungus, mold, and odors. It produces an electric field with highly charged ions. The ions created within the field act as scrubbing agents for air which passes through the field. Safe and effective, microbiologists have tested the system and found it removes coronaviruses like the common cold.

I feel like we all need a system like that! What about masks? You are required to wear masks until you get inside and seated 6 feet away from other guests. You are also asked to physical distance and like other places, you will see the lines. Flicks are staggering movie times to assist in crowd control and all staff will be wearing masks.

You can find out more regarding the cafe, bathrooms, and other questions by following below.


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